On Friday Mom Fit wrapped up our first ever 30 DAY AB Challenge and I had a blast! Tomorrow morning on our Facebook page we will set off on a 30 Day Squat and Lunge Challenge.  (Can you feel it already?)  Excited to welcome back our returners and anyone new that is jumping on the M.O.M. FIT train!

I think it is important for all of us to realize that these challenges are meant to supplement your daily fitness routine not BE YOUR FITNESS ROUTINE! Simply doing a 30 day AB challenge will not give you the abs of Lolo Jones although a girl can dream! (side pic) To become a well rounded, healthy and fit individual you must incorporate proper nutritional habits, maintain an awareness of your daily food intake and have a varied workout plan that at a minimum includes cardio and strength.

Squats are a functional exercise that play an important role in your everyday life.  How many times a day do you bend to pick up an item?  Concentrate on the form and fundamental aspects of the squats and lunges as we progress through our 30 days and you will see an improvement in your everyday balance and mobility. 

The support you provide to your M.O.M. FIT teammates are what makes these 30 DAY CHALLENGES AWESOME! Looking forward to another fantastic 30 DAYS! Together we are Changing Lives!





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