If you are a member of the community I live in you most likely have a deployed spouse or a friend who has a deployed spouse.  For many of us Thanksgiving is the first holiday of this deployment so chances are some kids will really be missing their Mom or Dad tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will be focusing on the positives and the fact that we have so much to be grateful for this year!

I am thankful for the love of three beautiful girls who find a way to make the days pass more quickly and keep me grounded. I am thankful for a husband who inspires and motivates me and whose presence is missed daily and love makes this family complete.

I am thankful for the beautiful trails outside my house and the quiet beauty they provide me on my runs while I clear my head and focus for the day.
I am Thankful for the amazing sunrises that greet my family each day as we look out our kitchen window towards Afghanistan.
I am thankful for friends that motivate me to live a fit and healthy life; for friends who show up at any hour of the day because they happened to be taking a "walk near your house", for two friends texts that keep me laughing all day long and for old friends 6 hours behind who text in the middle of their night as my day is starting.
I am thankful for these boys the last two summers who continue to challenge my brain, my patience and my knowledge forcing me to grow on a daily basis. And for the amazing parents this summer who did everything in their power to make our trip awesome!
I am thankful for the amazing group of women on my 1FC Schlicht soccer team who allowed me to find passion for a sport I never thought I would enjoy again.
I am thankful for all the kind, loving friends my children have made on this Army journey and the friends they will make in the future all over this amazing world.
I am thankful for the sights and sounds my family experiences daily in Germany.
I am thankful for my parents and my sister and brother who always find a way no matter how far away we live from each other.
Finally I am thankful for the amazing and inspiring women that MOM FIT has allowed me to interact with over the last three years.  Each person has left a piece of them with our team and it is shared daily with so many other military spouses. Wherever you are this Thanksgiving thank you for sharing with us!


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