THANKSGIVING is approaching and developing a plan prior to the
day of Thanks can help you be prepared to avoid indulging unnecessarily. Did you know that a traditional meal can set you back 3,000 calories in one sitting!!

First things first! When preparing your meal find ways to trim
calories, use skim milk instead of evaporated milk, offer a soup instead of
sweet potatoes covered in brown sugar and marshmallows,  The morning of Thanksgiving get out the door and get moving, take a hike, a walk, a jog, a run you name it get moving and enlist a partner several days in advance to exercise with you, strength in numbers!  
 This way you will have burned some calories before the festivities have even
begun, if you procrastinate it just won’t happen.  When you return eat breakfast, it is not
a good idea to skip meals as it will make you hungrier for the big sit down and likely to 
 over indulge. (Think of food shopping while you are hungry, never a
good idea).

When you sit down for the big meal select a smaller plate, avoid the creamy side dishes instead choose the steamed or roasted vegetables, choose white turkey meat over dark it has one third less calories and half of the fat.  Fill half your plate with vegetables, a quarter of it with turkey, half a cup of stuffing or mashed potatoes. Want pumpkin pie? Take a small slice and don’t add ice cream on top!  Take two bites and wait…still want to finish it? Often times you will find you are full. Finally don’t drink your calories away! Be aware of what you are drinking you can easily ingest several hundred calories before sitting down for your meal.

Take the time to prepare and above all be Thankful!



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